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My Creative Year

Go to art supply stores.
Paint with watercolors.
Paint with acrylics.
Go to the Mint Museum on Randolph.
Re-read Shakespeare’s sonnets.
Go to a reading and/or a book signing.
Decorate Meghan’s room.
Take a photo every day for a month.
Put together a poetry chapbook.
Make curtains for the master bedroom.
Hang items for inspiration wall.
Make curtains for the living/dining room.
Go to the Bechtler Museum.
Redo a piece of thrifted furniture.
See some live music.
Cook something new. Have a dinner party!
Frame and hang all the stuff in my closet.
Find a new band or singer that I love.
Go to Beadlush. Take a class.
Make curtains for the kitchen/family room.
Go to the Mint Museum Uptown.
Mix prints!
Go on a long walk somewhere new.
Recover dining room chairs.
Go to the Opera.
Read 26 books.
Fill a sketchbook.
Finish my novel.

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  1. January 4, 2011 5:18 pm

    Wow are those some lofty lessons/goals. How to break a
    sugar addiction (umm still working on that after 40+ years). The
    other daunting one was how to cook healthy meals so my family
    prefers… If you figure that one out please call me and also I
    think we’d have to see to it that you had a cookbook published.
    Book tours, Nobel Peace Prize, status of miracle worker too. Talk
    to your mama when I was in Greensboro a few days ago. I really do
    want to move back so I am currently looking into that. How are

    • January 4, 2011 9:49 pm

      I think the sugar thing is just like any addiction – you have to do what works for you – cold turkey or weaning off or cutting down or whatever. And as always, mind over matter. Deciding you’re done. Restructuring the way you talk to yourself about it. At least that’s what I’m planning to try – there’s a book about it I should probably get and read – Sugar Busters seems to be pretty popular.

      Healthy food – I think it has to be gradual – adding in a few new things every now and then. EVENTUALLY I think they will like healthy stuff.

      I am doing well – work is crazy, home is crazy, etc. But I’m hanging in there!

      I hope you DO get to move back to GSO – I know your mama would be SO HAPPY. 🙂

      Miss you – we need to take a trip up that way soon.


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