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Basic Functions: Disrupted

October 11, 2015

I wake and my covers are twisted and tangled.

I dream of odd things, forgotten people, real places.

I cannot fathom what my mind is trying to work out, what relentless riddles have nested there.

I almost feel someone breathing beside me, though my bed is empty and the other side is cold.

I flip and I flop. I turn the pillows over and over,

looking for cool, for warmth.

I cover up with the sheet, then the comforter, then both.

Then neither.

I look at the windows, both hoping to see and dreading the light.

I contemplate reading, writing, watching television, cleaning, running.

But I do none of those.

I untangle the covers. I remind myself that I am alone, that morning will come sooner or later.

I hug my pillow, I make myself breathe slowly, rhythmically,

and I will myself to try again.

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  1. November 7, 2015 7:47 pm

    Libby and I have missed you in our blogsphere. I read your post here and I see my own dreams. Odd people, weird places, unusual circumstances. Sleep interrupted by the wonderment of what just came through my seeming sleepless mind. Lib and I are now married. We’re now containers of joined souls. Spirits united. Personally, I’m happier now than ever in my entire life. Libby is here. Inside me. Still there are dreams.

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