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February 28, 2013

Note: I found this deep in the recesses of my desk. I don’t remember when I wrote it or why, but I didn’t want to lose it…which, given the state of my desk, is a distinct possibility.

Counting the Ways

The texture and timbre of your voice

when you tell me that you want what I want,

that you need what I have to give,

that your body and my body and

your soul and my soul

just fit perfectly together –

The warmth and scent of your skin as

you sit beside me,

lay beside me,

touch me,

radiate light and energy to me –

The straight lines and certainty

and truth in your heart as you loved me

from then till now

and from now until you don’t know when

and hwo you love me in for who I was

and who I am

and who I always will be

and you love me in old ways and

yet it’s new every day –

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