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Seven Minutes

September 2, 2011

So I am doing this new writing challenge and all I know is that for the first week I have to write every day for 7 minutes. So what can I say in 7 minutes?


I can say things I need to get out, things no one wants to hear. I can say things I want to hear back from you, I can say something and imagine I’m not the one saying it. I can say things that need to be said,  things that need to be heard. I can say what I’m thinking, what I fear, what I want, what I need. Seven minutes isn’t very long but it’s long enough to ruin things, or fix things, or start things or end things. Seven minutes is long enough to fill some space with ramblings or to write an sentence that sends a story in a whole new direction or that brings it to a screeching halt. Seven minutes was long enough for heaven, long enough for hell. In seven minutes I could have found you, I could have lost you. You could have remembered or forgotten, forgiven or condemned.

A lot can happen in seven minutes. A lot can not happen in seven minutes.


This might actually work.

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