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August 10, 2011

In the rear view mirror,

rivers of cars streamed behind me,

sunlight glinting off windshields

and sparkling in the heat.

Bridges over waters,

familiar and unfamiliar,

their spires reaching higher, higher

into the hot blue skies

of cities we’d never seen,

never thought we’d have the chance to see.

The places we visited –

the birthplace and symbols

of  liberty and justice

made us reflect on what that means

and then my sunglasses fell behind the rope

and the moment was lost

but the feeling of being on hallowed ground


Markets and neighborhoods filled with people,

people, people, so many people,

all with purpose, all with destinations.

Amish girls serving sandwiches to hungry customers,

holding true to some traditions

and letting others slide

in the name of progress.

Baked goods displayed like jewels,

cupcakes and cinnamon rolls and cookies and breads

compete for attention from passers-by, though we stopped to admire.

A monument to one of our most influential forefathers,

early to bed, early to rise,

and science to experience, for good and for bad.

Smiling girls, feeling grown up and special

in their first cab ride,

imagining their futures in cities, riding around in limos,

looking up at buildings and out at people and public art and individual apartments with their own personalities.

The highway on the drive to see cousins, skirting Manhattan but still offering the

city up like a vision, coming into focus slowly,

fog lifting,

individual buildings revealing themselves in their own sweet time.

The drive home, long and quiet,

switching the radio between bad news

and good music,

with plenty of silence in between,

time and space to miss my friend,

miss my girls,

think about what I had seen and heard and experienced,

and imagine where we might go next.

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