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Excuse Me

June 14, 2011

And so I started walking

just walking

from nowhere

to somewhere,

and maybe back again. And

this man, maybe it was

a memory or a ghost

or a fear or a dream – sometimes,

it’s hard to see the difference –

anyway, this man, he followed me

and talked to me and asked

me questions I couldn’t answer and quoted sentences

I had never uttered (had I?)

and whispered things I would have shouted

and refused to say what I most wanted to hear

and when I finally turned to look at him,

to study him and memorize his face and

try to figure out why he was  there and what

he wanted and what he was offering,

he was gone,

and so I kept walking,


why this man,

this ghost, this memory, this fear, this dream

would not just speak to me and say what I wanted to hear and

why he would not answer the questions that burned in my head

and in my heart and finally I heard him

whisper to me – darling, darling, you have to jump.

You have to let go.

You have to kiss the sky, if you want your dreams to come true.

But you know, I am not a jumper, not a letter-goer.

My dreams dwell solidly in my head, not seeing the light of day,

not being seriously entertained as possible, until…

until this man told me that I could, whispered that I should.

So, if you will,

excuse me, for a moment,

while I jump and let go and

kiss the impossible sky.


Swirly Girl May Challenge (I KNOW IT’S JUNE) to use song lyrics in posts… this was “Excuse me while I kiss the sky,” brought to you by my friend Louisa and I have no idea what song it’s from! 🙂

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  1. lifeunderacarolinamoon permalink
    June 14, 2011 1:33 pm

    Wonderful. As usual…

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