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Learning: How to Relax

March 6, 2011

In February the thing I took on to learn was HOW  TO RELAX.

And how to stop talking to myself in all caps.

I tried a little yoga, a massage, and a lot of meditation.

The yoga is still hard with my hip issue (arthritis. With some sort of nervy/muscley complication. So yeah.) But I did enjoy it and I would like to continue to work on it.

The massage was awesome. Beyond awesome. I’d like a massage every night. I thought I was going to be all skeevy about a stranger rubbing me, more for their sake than for mine…I didn’t want to gross them out with my body. But it wasn’t like that. At least it didn’t seem like it.  I was so blissed out, so relaxed, so still and empty and quiet. My brain is almost always on. For that hour, it was quiet inside my head and that was worth every penny.

I need that so much – as most everyone does.  I guess some of us just come to that conclusion in different times, in different ways.

I also tried meditation. I was…less successful. I tried two different types of meditation – the “Pink Bubble” meditation and the first step in Buddhist meditation, the Breath Meditation. With the Pink Bubble, it’s really about manifesting something you want…you picture what it is that you want (for me, my feet on a scale with a very beautiful number on the little screen) – and you wrap that picture in a pink bubble, and release it into the universe, and watch it float away, gathering energy and momentum.  It was great as my WW journey has been very successful so far, so…maybe.

The breath meditation was harder. It’s really hard for me to be still and quiet on command, and with no guidance. But I tried for a few minutes each day, and I did find it relaxing. Maybe the trick is not to be TOTALLY QUIET but to let go of the control, to let your mind go where it will to work on problems and see new things and access insights and listen to God. So it’s something I will keep working on.

In March, my goal is to learn…how to French Braid! 🙂 Pictures to follow….

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