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Swirly Girl’s Day Off

January 28, 2011

Having had an extremely weird work schedule lately, I had accumulated some flex time I needed to use, so I took today off.

And so far, it has been perfect. For one, it’s payday. It’s the payday where I usually have a little extra money. And it’s sunny and warmish and the kids HAVE school and are IN school and the whole day from 9 until 4 ish has been all mine.

Normally when I have one of these days I come home, watch tv, take a nap, do some laundry, eat something ridiculous for lunch and piddle around until it’s time to go pick the girls up. Today, I wanted something different. So I fought the urge to come straight home, and I went shopping.

First I went to a store the rhymes with West Why and bought 2 Wii fitness games – and tonight we’ll be having a Wii fitness dance party! I am trying to find ways to incorporate activity into our day without it always feeling like OH GOD WE HAVE TO EXERCISE but in the end, oh God, we have to exercise. Hopefully this will work. Or at least be a part of a larger solution.

Then I went to an arts and crafts store and Lord. I am not a crafty person but I would like to be an arty person. I perused the watercolor supplies and thought about it but ultimately chickened out…I decided I needed to learn some techniques before I just…dove in. But who knows – maybe I’ll change my mind. What’s the worst that could happen?

I did get some Modge Podge and other decoupagey supplies because my friend N who actually is an artist is coming over on Saturday and we are doing our vision boards. But we are not doing normal vision boards. Oh no. She’s bringing canvasses. We bought good magzaines. We have plans and pens and diagrams and candles and Modge Podge and Clear Glossy Sealer. These…these will be Vision Boards. They will be epic.

And I am also cooking up some chicken and the kids are gonna play, whatever whatever, blah blah.

I threw that stuff in the car and I went down the street to the cheap ass clothing/housewares place that rhymes with Boss. And I found some (not very exciting) black pants for $6.99 and they were (VERY EXCITING) a whole pants size smaller than I wore last month. And I bought myself a new woobie shirt which is kind of a big deal because most woobie shirts are old and can’t be worn in front of people who aren’t tied to you by blood or marriage vows. THIS woobie shirt is new but it’s already soft and yummy and it’s buttery yellow and it claims to keep you cool and warm at the same time which is really what woobies, and life itself, are all about. I also found a picture, well, a shadowy boxy kind of thing with Buddha’s head in it and even though I am a Christian I do have great respect for and find myself inspired by Buddha and his teachings and principles, so I bought it to add to my collection of “things to hang on the wall in my writing area” which, incidentally, will include my Vision Board, the screen print of a chandelier I found before Christmas and all the pictures of angels that I have collected over the years AND whatever other stuff I have stashed in closets that I bought because they inspire me. I want to do one of those floor-to-ceiling picture walls with all this eclectic stuff on it, right in front of my beautiful writing table that another wonderful, amazing friend gave me.

It was a little early for lunch, so I went to the nail place near my house and got a spa pedicure (delish!) and my face waxed (owie, but very necessary) and after THAT hour-and-a-half adventure, I got myself some Japanese food for lunch (no rice, extra veg!) and came home to eat and relax and do some necessary chores that are easier without my girls (menu and list-making namely).

When I finished my lunch I got to talk to ANOTHER amazing friend, LA, for almost an hour, uniterrupted and about whatever we felt like talking about and it was wonderful.

All in all, it has been a great day so far, just me and myself, indulging the things I felt like doing and not having to WORRY about anything. Much. For a few hours. Virtually all of my time away from work is spent with my children. And I love them very much. But today I was just me, I wasn’t anyone’s mom. I wasn’t anyone’s employee. I wasn’t anyone’s wife. I was just a woman rediscovering how good it feels, once in awhile, to indulge in things I so often deny myself – a purchase toward a greater good, creative reawakening and prodding of new possibilities, leisurely shopping for necessities, grooming that, while necessary and uncomfortable, makes me feel more beautiful than you might think, healthy and delicious food, and a long conversation with a dear friend.

I can’t imagine a better day off.

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  1. nettie loves paris permalink
    January 28, 2011 4:15 pm

    I tried this before Christmas and was foiled by snowdays. You’ve inspired me to try again 😉 Maybe when the tax refund comes in? I’ll be the woman in Paper Skyscraper ringing up a third of the store.

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